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Agricultural Investment Counterfeiting "Summer Hundred Days Action"

Publisher:神标ouba Release time:2018-05-24
At present, it is the critical period of production of "Sanxia" and it is the peak period for the use of agricultural resources. Reporter 11 June from the provincial agricultural commission learned that my province has recently launched the "summer hundred days action" to combat agricultural assets to ensure sufficient supply of agricultural resources, reliable quality, to seize autumn agricultural harvest. The operation will continue until the end of September.
During the course of the operation, local agricultural departments will strictly regulate the conditions and standards for the production and operation of agricultural assets, make a comprehensive inventory of the main qualifications of the production and operation units of agricultural assets within their jurisdiction, ban unlicensed production and operation units in accordance with the law, and strengthen supervision over agricultural assets products from the sources of production, distribution channels and consumer terminals. Put an end to false inferior, prohibited agricultural inputs into the market.
At the same time, local governments will conduct spot checks on the quality of agricultural products in regions, markets, remote rural areas, urban and rural areas, and enterprises with outstanding problems, especially the key products such as seeds, pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed, fertilizers and ground membranes. Emphasis is placed on detecting the authenticity of seed quality and varieties, illegal addition of agricultural and animal medicines and fertilizers, and insufficient active ingredients of fertilizers.
In view of the areas, regions and varieties where there are many complaints and reports from the masses in recent years, many problems found in supervision and inspection, and many hidden dangers to quality and safety, local governments will concentrate their efforts on combating fraud and special rectification of agricultural assets. For cases where the circumstances are bad and the scope of influence is large, strictly follow the principle of "five do not let go", thoroughly investigate the source of production and sales networks, and carry out retrospective attacks; Cases suspected of crimes shall be promptly transferred to public security organs for handling and criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. (Huaxinhong)
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